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The School of Management (SOM) at IIT Mandi emphasizes applied interdisciplinary research and strives to impart knowledge for a sustainable global impact. Faculty expertise spans operations and financial management, marketing, consumer behavior, human resources, strategy, economics, data science, artificial intelligence, cryptography, and more. The school fosters cutting-edge research with practical implications for industry and society.

Academic programs of SOM aim to cultivate leaders who shape data-driven organizations influencing daily life. The flagship MBA program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence stands out, offering students interactions with industry leaders, diverse knowledge acquisition, and insights into the latest industry trends. The Ph.D. program encourages research in evolving business landscapes, including digital innovation, information technology, e-commerce, data analytics, and artificial intelligence. Cross-learning opportunities are abundant, with students participating in national and international events, competitions, seminars, and boot camps.

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  The School of Management (SOM) at IIT Mandi focuses on developing future business leaders who can thrive in the unpredictable corporate world. Through immersive and experiential learning, students gain the skills to analyze problems from multiple perspectives and provide rational responses. The School offers an MBA program in Data Science and Artificial Intelligence, providing students with essential management education and exposure to cutting-edge technologies. It also offer a PhD program that encourages interdisciplinary research in various management disciplines. The goal is to equip students with the tools to transform data into actionable information for effective decision-making in business.  

Manoj Thakur

Manoj Thakur