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The School of Management (SOM) at IIT Mandi is a multidisciplinary school with a strong focus on applied interdisciplinary research and imparting knowledge that can create a sustainable global impact. The school's educational programs are designed to amalgamate the art and the science of management.

The school hosts a range of expertise through its faculty members in areas including data science, artificial intelligence, operations management, financial management, marketing management, consumer behavior, human resource management, strategy, economics and others. In addition, the faculty are involved in cutting- edge academic and applied research that benefits the industry and society.

The academic programs in the school aim to nurture leaders who will build data-based organizations that are already impacting our day-to-day lives. The school also offers a PhD program to encourage contemporary research on emerging issues in business management. Considering that today's business environment is continually evolving, the school encourages fundamental and applied research in digital innovation, information technology, e-commerce, data analytics and artificial intelligence.

The school provides the students with various cross-learning opportunities through national and international event participation, including competitions, seminars and boot camps.

The flagship MBA program in Data Science and Artificial intelligence is a unique offering of the school. This program is a futuristic step towards developing business leaders of tomorrow. As a result, the students can interact with industry leaders, build a diverse knowledge base, and stay abreast with the latest industry trends.