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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)

The doctoral program offers a dynamic environment where passionate scholars engage in diverse and cutting-edge research areas in management including, but not limited to, Marketing, Consumer Behaviour, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Business Ethics, Business Analytics, Cryptography, and Computational Finance.

Our committed faculty, experts in their respective domains, provide mentorship to shape the next generation of thought leaders. As a doctoral candidate, you will join a community dedicated to pushing the boundaries of knowledge and contributing to the evolution of management research.

Explore the vast expanse of possibilities at the intersection of innovation and impact with the School of Management's doctoral program - a transformative experience where your intellectual journey unfolds, shaping the future of management studies

Key Research Areas

Marketing & Consumer Behaviour
Startup Ecosystems
Startup Policy Research
New Venture Creation Dynamics
Student Entrepreneurships
Entrepreneurship Education
Entrepreneurship Climate
Incubation Ecosystem
Programs and Policies
Monetary Economics
Open-Economy Macroeconomics
Business Ethics
Corporate Social Responsibility
Business Analytics
Machine Learning
Artificial Intelligence
Cryptography and Information Security
Internet of Things
Computational Finance
Portfolio optimization
Algorithmic trading
Financial time series forecasting

Facilities and Opportunities

  Monthly Fellowship: Doctoral candidates at the School of Management are eligible to receive a monthly fellowship of INR 37,000. This stipend is designed to support scholars during their research journey, allowing them to focus on their academic pursuits.
  Financial Assistance for Research and Field Work: Recognizing the importance of in-depth research and fieldwork, the School provides an annual financial assistance to doctoral candidates. This support enables scholars to conduct comprehensive research, access necessary resources, and enhance the quality of their work.
  Conference Support: To encourage academic exposure and collaboration, the School offers financial assistance for doctoral candidates to attend national and international conferences. This support ensures that scholars can showcase their research, engage with the global academic community, and stay abreast of the latest developments in their field.
  State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Doctoral candidates have access to cutting-edge infrastructure and well-equipped laboratories tailored to their specific research areas. Whether in Marketing & Consumer Behavior, Entrepreneurship, Economics, or other disciplines, our facilities are designed to facilitate high-quality research and experimentation.
  These facilities underscore our commitment to providing a conducive environment for doctoral candidates to thrive academically, fostering an atmosphere of innovation, collaboration, and excellence. We believe in supporting our scholars at every stage of their research journey, from conceptualization to dissemination, ensuring a holistic and enriching doctoral experience.

Admission Process

The admission process to our esteemed Doctoral Program at the School of Management, Indian Institute of Technology Mandi, is meticulous and comprehensive. It is designed to identify and welcome the brightest minds into our academic community.

Eligible candidates, holding a Master's or equivalent degree with a strong academic record in a relevant discipline are invited to apply. Additionally, the aspiring scholars are expected to satisfy specific criteria, such as NET/GATE or equivalent national-level examinations, professional experience, etc acquired after the qualifying degree. The School also extends exemptions from mandatory conditions for candidates meeting specific criteria, such as exceptional academic performance or specific academic backgrounds.

The admission process reflects our commitment to ensuring a diverse and accomplished cohort, ready to engage in advanced research across various disciplines. Join us on this academic odyssey, where the admission process is not just a gateway—it's the first step toward a transformative scholarly expedition.

The school usually publishes a call for applications twice a year. The aspiring candidates should look out for the call on the website and social media handles of the school.

  The School of Management's doctoral program is governed by the rules and norms of IIT Mandi. Aspiring applicants can see the PHD program ordinance on the following link.

Part time Doctoral Program

At the School of Management, we understand the dynamic needs of individuals juggling professional commitments alongside their academic pursuits. To cater to this diverse cohort, we offer a flexible Part-Time Ph.D. program designed for candidates with substantial work responsibilities.

Below are key aspects of our Part-Time Ph.D. program:

Flexible Duration

The program allows candidates to extend the duration of their Ph.D. studies to accommodate their professional schedules. Part-time candidates can progress through the program at a pace that aligns with their commitments.

On-Campus Residency

Part-time candidates are required to spend a total of 16 weeks on campus, with durations of a minimum of 2 weeks each, dispersed strategically throughout their doctoral journey. This on-campus residency fosters an immersive academic experience.

Online / Remote Coursework

Recognizing the evolving landscape of remote work, the School may provide online/remote coursework options for part-time candidates, depending on the available bandwidth. This flexibility ensures accessibility for those unable to be physically present on campus.

Research Proposal Development

Part-time candidates are encouraged to engage proactively with faculty members. Before applying, it is advisable to reach out, discuss research interests, and develop a comprehensive research proposal. This collaborative approach ensures alignment with the candidate's professional goals and the School's academic standards.

Application Guidance

Prospective part-time candidates can seek guidance from the admissions office and relevant faculty members. Clear communication and understanding of the unique requirements of part-time enrolment contribute to a smooth application process