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  Industry Interaction, Mr. Sunil Mishra and Mr. Vasant Rao, Founders,

Date of announcement: 27-01-2024

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The Industry Interaction Cell at the School of Management IIT Mandi recently had the privilege of hosting two distinguished guests, Mr. Sunil Mishra and Mr. Vasanth Rao, experts from Acenet. The session delved into the cutting-edge realms of AI-driven Marketing, offering profound insights into real-life applications of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Mr. Mishra and Mr. Rao captivated our MBA students with an insightful discussion on the transformative impact of AI/ML in crucial domains such as Railway Safety,the concept of a digital twin,the application of LIDAR, Market Positioning and Customer Segmentation. The sessions were a deep dive into the practical applications of these technologies, unraveling their potential to enhance safety protocols in the railway sector, optimize customer targeting, and strategically position products and services in the market. The MBA students were enthralled by the wealth of knowledge shared by the esteemed speakers, gaining valuable perspectives on the integration of AI/ML in today's dynamic business landscape. The interactive session not only broadened their understanding of these technologies but also sparked engaging discussions on their role in shaping the future of industries. We extend our gratitude to Mr. Sunil Mishra and Mr. Vasanth Rao for sharing their expertise and making this a truly enriching experience for our students. Such industry interactions are integral to preparing our future business leaders for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead. Here's to more insightful interactions and knowledge-sharing sessions in the future!